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Select two reasons why a finance company might invest in app promotion. Select the best answers. 


To help users discover the app

To increase user engagement with the app

To drive phone calls to customer service

To determine if the app is useful


How do Google App campaigns help both marketers and users?


By delivering a relevant ad to the right user at the right time

By delivering relevant ads to users on YouTube

By delivering as many ads as possible to the same user throughout the day

By delivering ads to as many users as possible


An education company is preparing to run a marketing campaign for their app. Identify three factors the company should consider when determining the objectives for their upcoming campaign. 


Business goals

App-specific goals

Stage of app maturity

Competitor strategy


Why is conversion tracking critical for Google App campaigns?


Data captured with conversion tracking powers the machine learning that’s at the heart of Google App campaigns

Conversion tracking provides insights that help shape push notifications for your apps

Conversion tracking enables you to understand individual user preferences

Data captured with conversion tracking can be used to target specific users


When setting up a new App campaign, which three settings must be made at the campaign level?


Budget, language, location

Ad formats, budget, location

Ad formats, budget, language

Ad formats, language, location


Why is it important for a travel app like YourAdventure to create themed ad groups for specific offerings such as culinary experiences, guided hikes, and architectural tours?


Ad groups with specific themes are used to create and deliver relevant ads to travelers with different interests

Ad groups target users based on their past travel history

Ad groups allow a marketer to set different budgets for each theme


Which three of the following skills do marketers bring to the table when working with machine learning?







Your manager is questioning the need for you to spend time on your new Google App campaign, since “machine learning is doing everything.” What are three things you can tell your manager you’re doing to guide the campaign?


Provide the system with ample, meaningful data and the time to process it

Keep an eye on strategy and objectives, evolving them over time as needed

Create helpful boundaries for the system to work within by setting a thoughtful bid and budget

Make adjustments to the campaign in reaction to hourly fluctuations in performance


You’ve just been assigned to oversee an App campaign that was launched two months ago. You learn that the assets have never been updated. Which two of the following actions should you take?


Review the campaign’s existing assets to see if there are assets of enough types and sizes for good ad coverage, and whether the existing assets meet the recommended standards for quality

Use the asset report to see which assets are low-performing and gradually swap them out for new ones

Review the asset report, but wait another month before taking action – it’s too soon to know how well the existing assets are performing

Review the asset report as a frame of reference, then immediately remove all existing assets and start fresh with new ones


You’re running an App campaign for OneStop, an international clothing retailer, and you’re trying to follow best practices for your measurement strategy. Which three questions should you be focused on answering?


Are view-through conversions being measured and valued appropriately?

How are users moving between OneStop’s app and web properties?

Which of OneStop’s app users have the highest long-term value?

How effective is deep linking at getting new users to install the OneStop app?


You’re running an App campaign for news publisher World News Online. Choose two reasons why you should care about the quality of World News Online’s listing on Google Play.


Information on the Play listing page is used as creative assets in App campaigns

A high-quality listing will encourage downloads by users from the App campaign

World News Online customers have higher expectations than the average user

Information on the Play listing page is used for App push notifications.


You’re working with a productivity app that is considering expansion outside of the US into LATAM. Besides translating the app into relevant languages, which three steps should you take before launching in new markets?


Research specific market culture and productivity tool usage in LATAM

Customize the app’s UX and expand payment methods relevant to LATAM

Research device usage and connectivity within LATAM

Launch the app in LATAM before translations are complete, to test the market


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