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Here you’ll find all possible real exam questions & answers for the latest Google Video Ads Certification knowledge check assessment available in Google Skillshop. Please note that these answers are for knowledge assessment only. If you’re looking for Video Ads certification assessment answers, check this link – Google Ads Video Certification Answers.

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True or false? Google audiences are updated on every impression, so advertisers can reach only the most relevant consumers on YouTube. 





Which of the following is not an example of Detailed Demographics? 


Car ownership status

Homeownership status

Marital status

Parenting stages


You want to find new, high-value customers using their data. Which audience solution should you use?  



Customer Match


Similar Audiences


You want to re-engage with people from your CRM database that bought something from your website in the past six months. Which audience solution should you use? 



Custom Affinity

Customer Match



You want to reach people who are searching for content about the Manchester United Football Club. Which audience solution should you use? 



Custom Affinity

Customer Match

Detailed Demographics


The four essential freedoms that define YouTube’s values are freedom of expression, freedom of opportunity, freedom of information, and freedom to belong. 





Which of the following is not a top reason why users choose YouTube? 


To connect with a community

To engage with creators

To upload photos

To watch rich and diverse content


Which of these is not an example of Advanced Audiences? 




Life events

Males 21-34


How can you create video ads to maximize effectiveness on YouTube? 


Build from the ground up rather than modifying your TV spot

Cut your TV spot into :30 and :15 video ads

Rebuild your TV spots into :30, :15, and :06 video ads

Repurpose your TV spots on YouTube – it’s all video


How can you produce video ads to perform well on YouTube? 


Frame tightly and pace moderately

Frame tightly and pace quickly

Frame widely and pace moderately

Frame widely and pace quickly


According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, approximately how much TV advertising goes unseen? 







Which is a best practice for creating effective bumper ads? 


Build a single bumper ad to convey your entire message

Cut down your :30 TV spot

Don’t include branding

Focus on a single product, feature, or brand message


Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate? 


Analytics report

Audience report

Audience retention report

Watch time report


Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on a person’s viewing context? 


Tease, amplify, echo

The direct shot

The follow-up

The mini-series


Your client is an online car marketplace. Which audience solution can help your client’s campaign reach people in the car buying process? 


Consumer patterns

Custom affinity audiences

In-market audiences

Life Events


Match each ad format to its primary marketing objective. Drag and drop each item into the correct box. 


1. TrueView discovery
2. Masthead
3. Bumpers
4. TrueView for action

Awareness (2)
Consideration (1)
Awareness (3)
Action (4)


Match each type of TrueView ad to its bidding approach. 


1. TrueView in-stream
2. TrueView for reach
3. TrueView for action
4. TrueView discovery

CPV (1)
CPM (2)
CPA (3)
CPA (4)


True or False? TrueView ads on Google Video Partners drive as much lift in ad recall as TrueView on YouTube. 





Where does a YouTube masthead ad unit run? 


Across specific sites within the Google Display Network

YouTube homepage

YouTube search results page

YouTube watch page


Which ad format typically has the lowest CPM among in-stream video ads and is also eligible to serve more frequently, particularly on mobile devices? 




TrueView discovery

TrueView in-stream


Custom Intent audiences allows advertisers to reach users on YouTube that were previously searching for particular queries across which of the following properties? 


YouTube mobile app

Google Display Network

Google Search

All of the above


Online conversions measured for TrueView for action come from three different events. Match each event to its correct conversion type. 


1. View-through conversion
2. Video engagement
3. Click-through conversion

User sees an impression of the ad and converts within 24 hours (1)
User watches 10 seconds of the ad and converts within three days (2)
User clicks on an element of the ad and converts within 30 days (3)


What type of advertiser is a good fit for TrueView for action? 


Advertiser looking to improve their brand image

An advertiser who’s looking for brand impact such as driving Brand Lift metrics

An advertiser who’s looking to drive clicks to their website for on-site conversions

An advertiser who’s looking to maximize reach and cares about driving views


YouTube for action is comprised of formats powered by Smart Bidding for conversions or conversion values. What two elements are necessary for its success? 


Advertiser must have run video ads before

Advertiser must use DV360 for measurement

Intent-rich audiences

Lower funnel measurement


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