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What are two reasons why it’s important to share your Hootsuite Analytics data with other members of your team? (pick two)


to guide your team’s social media tactics to do more of what’s working 

to provide colleagues with relevant content to publish with the compose box

to demonstrate the ROI of your social media efforts to more senior leadership in your company 

to provide more accurate geo-location search results in your streams

to supply colleagues with data required for bulk uploader entries


One benefit to using the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is that you can sort posts by:



Engagement Rate



all of the options in this list


Unlike a Twitter Geo-Search, which is based on a specific geo code, Instagram’s location search uses:


a list of approved, global locations 

an image match of a location landmark

a post office delivery code

latitude and longitude markers


Which of the options below best describe the action being undertaken in the visual?


Adding a stream to publish Twitter messages.

Creating a stream to search a network for specific terms. 

Adding a new Hootsuite user to your Twitter account.

Creating a Hootsuite Analytics board around mentions.


When using the Hootsuite dashboard to post images to your personal Instagram account, there is a step that must be completed within the Instagram app itself–which is it?


Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish.

Publishing the image to your Instagram account. 

Composing the text you’d like to accompany the image.

Selecting the image you’d like to publish.

Including a shortened Owly link that will accompany the post.


Which of the following is not a metric type generated by the overview metrics module in Hootsuite Analytics?


follower growth


total posts

share of voice


When using an RSS feed within Hootsuite, you can limit the amount of content being automatically pushed out to your followers by:


turning on the ‘Approvals Queue’, which would require admin approval of each RSS feed post

specifying the demographics of who should receive RSS feed updates (e.g., by age, gender, occupation, etc.)

specifying under ‘Preferences’ the RSS feed topics you’d like excluded

setting the frequency that Hootsuite checks for new content to once a day, rather than once an hour


Sometimes exchanges within a comment thread (in a stream) can become very long and hard to keep track of. If a particular thread is too important to miss, Hootsuite lets you quickly create a dedicated ________________ for that conversation to stay on top of the action.


comment stream

private message stream

geo-targeted auto-response


external tag


Which of the following is not a benefit of using Hootsuite Analytics?


it’s more efficient to gather metrics data in one place, rather than several different sources

metrics data that are updated in real-time

a highly visual, customizable interface

highly accurate estimates of the monetary value of each like, retweet, share, and new follower


What are two best practices for discovering whether a message you’ve scheduled with Hootsuite has failed to send? (pick two)


download a ‘Past Scheduled’ report from Hootsuite Analytics, and cross-referencing it with posts actually published on your social properties

enable email notifications for failed messages under ‘Preferences’ 

review the ‘Past Scheduled’ calendar view in Publisher for entries colored red

regularly check Publisher’s ‘Rejected’ tab


When using the Hootsuite Planner feature, the fastest way to compose a new message is to:


click on a time slot and choose new post/new pin 

press “command N” for new and begin typing

create a new stream and click the plus sign

exit planner and open the Composer from the top right corner


In the Composer, there are 3 ways you can attach an image. Which of the following is not an option for attaching an image?


insert an image from an Instream Tweet 

uploading from a Hootsuite Integration (e.g., Adobe Experience Manager)

picking an image from the Media Library

uploading it directly from your computer


Unlike the overview module in Hootsuite Analytics, which offers one set of aggregated analytics data, ___________________ allows you to run an unlimited number of customizable and shareable real-time analytics reports, dialed precisely to the diverse reporting needs of your organization.


the Reports feature 

the Metrics module

the Social Data feature

the Insights feature

the Analytics module


When using Hootsuite to publish to Instagram, there are some types of posts that require using the “Mobile Notification Workflow”, which involves a few additional steps. Pick the post type below that does NOT require using the “Mobile Notification Workflow”.


Image posted to a Business account 

Image posted to a Personal account


It’s important to ensure you’ve done the following steps when scheduling messages using the Hootsuite bulk compose feature. (pick two)


input the date in MONTH, DAY, YEAR or DAY, MONTH, YEAR format 

convert the document into Hootsuite’s .hoot format and upload

ensure you use a 24-hour clock format (e.g., 17:00 rather than 5:00pm) 

input your messages into a text document using an up to date version of Microsoft Word


Conversations on Twitter move fast and it’s easy to miss the opportunity to engage with an important influencer or prospect. _____________ are a great way to group together similar people and topics in Twitter so you can focus on activity within a group without distractions.


Twitter streams

Twitter spaces

Twitter lists 

Hootsuite groups

Twitter groups


Within a Hootsuite Analytics report, you can add a tile, which is:


an individual display of a specific metric. 

a pre-set campaign template, targeted at specific social media objectives.

a tool for tracking the posts and conversations happening in your area.

an executive-level overview of common, aggregated metrics.

a pre-set display of line charts, tables, and tree maps.


A vanity URL in Hootsuite is best described as:


a set of re-direct links provided to your organization’s administrator by Hootsuite

a customizable, branded URL that also lets you track click-through statistics 

one that contains a custom domain suffix, such as .io .ly .ing .love

a web address within a set of sub-domain names associated with certain industry segments


When onboarding new team members in Hootsuite Analytics, we recommend ________________ to reduce the risk that something is changed incorrectly or accidently.


giving them monitored admin level permissions

creating dummy reports using fake social accounts

sharing reports in read only form 

having them share a coworker’s credentials


After you’ve uploaded messages into Hootsuite using the Bulk Compose feature, where would you go to review and make edits to those messages?






Tabs and streams


Hootsuite Publisher is an area of the dashboard that gives social media managers:


the ability to track response times to incoming social posts

insights into publishing analytics, such as click-through rates, impressions, and CPCs

the ability to publish directly to popular blog platforms, such as WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, and Tumblr

the ability to schedule posts to multiple networks, and then review, revise, rearrange, and export them


When using Composer, what’s the purpose of the social profile picker?


to connect an existing social media account (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) to your Hootsuite dashboard

to create a network specific search stream in the Engagement area

to select the social profiles to which you want to publish your message 

to monitor account activity on your social networks connected to Hootsuite


See the visual below. Why is the action being taken here important?


Publishing messages is how you’ll engage your audience.

Adding 3rd party apps to your Hootsuite account is a great way to customize your dashboard for your unique business case.

Without performing this action (at least once), you can’t take any actions within the Hootsuite dashboard. 

Running reports is a vital part of demonstrating ROI.


Which description below best describes the action you would undertake in this dialog box?


adding an Instagram account to Hootsuite 

creating a stream

sharing account permissions with your team

scheduling a post

composing a message for your audience


Select the 4 features that are available on Hootsuite Mobile: (pick four)





Team Metrics


Inbox & Settings 



Hootsuite’s mobile app lets you see all the posts you’ve scheduled and adjust publishing times to fine tune how you’re targeting your audience. You can access this functionality in the ___________ area of the app.


Message Assignments





Content Library


To find and engage in Twitter conversations happening in specific geographical areas that are relevant to your company, you should use:


Hootsuite campaigns

geo-targeted messages

location tags

internal/external tagging

the Hootsuite Surveillance feature

geo-search streams


Which Hootsuite feature would you use to draft and schedule a message with two images to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?








If you’re looking for a quick, high-level overview of common metrics such as audience growth, website traffic, and total posts, you should look at:


the ‘Owl View’ in Hootsuite Insights

the overview feature in Hootsuite Metrics

the reports feature in Hootsuite Metrics

the overview feature in Hootsuite Analytics 

the reports feature in Hootsuite Social ROI


Which of the following is not an action you can take in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard?


send a direct message to a user

publish an outgoing message with photos 

like and reply

search for hashtags or keywords

retweet and like


Enabling notifications for your Instagram account(s) in your Hootsuite mobile app allows Hootsuite to send _____________ that notify you when scheduled Instagram posts are ready to be published.


owl post deliveries

email notifications

text messages

push notifications 

calendar reminders


Where in the dashboard would you primarily view and engage with your audience and the social media content published by others?


the content library

tabs and streams 

the compose box

the apps directory


Which of the following is a reason why you would want to add a moderate stream for YouTube in your Hootsuite dashboard:


to automatically flag comments that contain keywords that you’ve pre-defined in your YouTube settings

to view analytics on your YouTube channel and videos

to limit the number of videos shown in a stream (per 24 hours) to below the threshold you define.

to vet incoming comments on your channel or specific videos by approving or deleting them 

to curate unoffensive video content that will resonate with the broadest possible cross-section of your audience


You can publish single-image Instagram posts directly from the Hootsuite dashboard IF you have set-up your Instagram account as a ______________ .


premium account

business account 

paid account

personal account

certified account


To manage comments and replies for all of your YouTube channel’s videos (in Hootsuite), simply add a ________________ stream.



published comments 


YouTube engagement



_______ are created within ________, similar to how you create individual files within a broader file folder.


Libraries; Engagement

Tabs; social networks

Streams; tabs 

Engagements; Publisher

Arrows; columns


Which tools are found in the header section of the Hootsuite Dashboard? (pick three)


Engagement Streams

App Directory

Message Composer 

Account Settings 

Quick Search


What is the most popular and loved feature of Hootsuite?


the ability to automate all your social media activities (i.e., Autopilot)

the ability to schedule and publish messages to multiple accounts at once 

social media analytics and metrics

geo-locating conversations and geo-targeting messages


When you share a report with a team member in Hootsuite Analytics, you can allow that team member to adjust the parameters of the report to fine­-tune the insights being generated. To allow for this collaboration, you must set the permission for that user to:




‘Unlimited Permissions’


‘Can Edit’


Hootsuite’s ever-growing library of 100+ partner apps and integrations is called the:


Hootsuite App Store

Partner Upgrades

Hootsuite Library

Hootsuite Plug-ins


App Directory


When saving messages as drafts, it’s important to remember that your draft will not go live unless _______.


you have scheduled it or clicked ‘Publish’ 

you have admin permissions or higher

you have unlocked the draft for editing

you have approval from a Super-Admin


Let’s say you have saved 10 different messages as drafts for a holiday campaign. You now need to schedule these drafts to publish, taking into account other messages that might already be scheduled. Which tool would be most effective for this task?


Do not schedule them which will trigger Hootsuite to automatically assign a time

Use Hootsuite’s Bulk Compose feature.

Use the Hootsuite Planner to drag and drop the drafts into the most appropriate time slots. 

Schedule the publishing time when composing the draft, cross-referencing with a calendar.

Use the Auto-Publisher, and set the cadence for everyone 12 hours.


Some of the Apps in the Hootsuite App Directory include ‘plugins’ which means that the app:


contains additional security features

contains additional security features

can be integrated across your entire dashboard, rather than just within a stream. 

can only be used in one stream at a time.


Which statement most accurately describes incoming message assignments functionality in Hootsuite Mobile?


Assignments made from Mobile are not visible in the desktop dashboard.

Assignments functionality is available in desktop dashboard only.

Assignments made from your desktop dashboard will be visible on mobile, and vice versa. 

Assignments is a feature exclusive to Hootsuite Mobile.


The following Hootsuite Mobile functionality makes it easy to collaborate with your teammates on the go:


Campaigns and Content Library

Content Library and Online Education

Assignments and Approvals

Approvals and Campaigns

Search and Assignments


When publishing to Pinterest from Hootsuite, you must include two items, which are:


a scheduled time and a photo

a caption and a photo

a target audience and a link

a photo and a link


A benefit of using the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is that it shows:


suggested copy for creating high performing posts

anticipated trends for your future posts, based on past performance

stats for posts published both natively and through Hootsuite 

your share of voice for keywords and hashtags


Why would you want to add someone to a Twitter list in Hootsuite?


to block them from commenting or re-sharing your posts

to send targeted direct messages in bulk

to boost the SEO of your posts

to group together your published tweets by topic for easier reference

to create a focused feed of similar users such as industry influencers, advocates, or competitors


You want to drive traffic to a new landing page for a campaign, and want a web address that’s short, easy to remember, trackable, and reflective of your brand. Hootsuite supports you with:


custom top-level domain suffixes

vanity URLs 

enterprise URLs

a batch of custom redirect links


A report in Hootsuite Analytics has a flexible, interactive interface into which you can drag and drop an unlimited number of:


templates, which are individual displays of a specific metric

tiles, which are individual displays of a specific metric 

overviews, which are pre-set collections of metrics data

trendwatchers, which are pre-set displays of line charts, tables, and tree maps

campaigns, each of which are targeted at a social media objective or goal


Publishing to Pinterest with Hootsuite saves time because:


it automatically edits any image you upload into a more ‘pin-able’ version.

you can schedule and post to multiple accounts and boards at the same time. 

it guarantees your pin will receive more engagement than posting natively.

the Composer window suggests popular content for you to repin.


What best describes the benefit of using Hootsuite, as compared to engaging natively from specific social networks?


Hootsuite provides deeper insights into users’ profiles than is found on the networks themselves.

When engaging on social networks natively, you can’t use the ‘auto-respond’ feature for comments and mentions.

Hootsuite lets you monitor and engage with all your social networks in one place, decreasing the risk of missing an important engagement opportunity. 

Hootsuite allows you to see the contents of private profiles, providing thorough and accurate customer insights.

Hootsuite more accurately estimates the dollar value of a like, share, and retweet.


Which of the following is not a feature of Hootsuite?


the ability to schedule and publish messages to multiple accounts at once

geo-locating conversations and geo-targeting messages

the ability to fully automate your social media marketing activities (i.e., the Autopilot feature) 

the ability to monitor conversations and engage with your audience across multiple social networks


Let’s say you draft a message in Hootsuite, but then want to create several variations of that message, without altering the original. Which of the following actions would you take?


Draft Variation

Compose Array

Duplicate a Draft 

Message Cascade


The data shown in the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is updated for the first _____ that a post is live.


7 days

24 hours

14 weeks

31 days


The purpose of the social profile picker in Composer is to:


select or deselect your existing social networks you’d like to connect to with your Hootsuite account

pick the social networks for which you’d like to generate a statistics report about your publishing efforts

select the social networks you’d like to monitor for activity relevant to your brand

identify the social networks to which you’d like to publish your message


When using Hootsuite’s bulk composer, all messages must be scheduled at least _________ ahead of when you plan to import the CSV file into Hootsuite.


2 hours

30 minutes

1 hour

10 minutes


When it’s time to publish an Instagram message to a personal Instagram account, how does the Hootsuite mobile app alert you that it’s time to press the publish button in the Instagram app?



a gentle owl hoot followed by the sound of wind blowing through the trees

push notification 

text message

calendar reminder


Hootsuite Mobile is useful for teams because of the following functionality:


Campaigns and Content Library

Search and Assignments

Approvals and Campaigns

Content Library and Online Education

Assignments and Approvals


Which of the options below best describe the action being undertaken in the visual?


assigning an incoming social message to a team member for a response

publishing a social media message to several social media accounts

giving a top performing organic social post a paid boost

creating a new stream for engaging with your audience 

adding a social network to your Hootsuite dashboard

running an analytics report to demonstrate ROI


Anything you want to do in Hootsuite can be found in either the header or the sidebar, with the main workspace is in the center. Which of the following is not a feature you’ll find in the sidebar (see image below for reference)?





App Directory



The reports feature in Hootsuite Analytics is:


a location search stream, with geocode set for your specific location

where you set up user-generated content contests

a fully customizable, real-time display of social metrics data 

you undertake audience testing to determine the best ad product to purchase

where you set the parameters for a Hootsuite social media campaign


What’s the difference between a stream and a tab?


Streams are for searching out conversations, whereas tabs are for publishing content to your audiences.

Streams provide account analytics, Tabs are where geo-searches are performed.

Tabs are for searching out conversations, whereas streams are for publishing content to your audiences.

Steams display content from your social networks, and Tabs house a collection of streams.


Which of the following is not an action you can perform in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard?


like and reply

retweet and favourite

search for hashtags or keywords

send a direct message to a user

save a composed message as a draft


Geo-search streams are used to help you find tweets and Twitter conversations relevant to your brand that are happening in:


your home country

pre-set topic areas

specific physical locations or regions 

private profiles or closed networks

specific social networks


Which of the following actions can NOT be done in the Hootsuite Planner feature?


editing a message

rescheduling a post

viewing tags

composing a message

perform a geo-search


When using Hootsuite’s mobile notification workflow to publish images to your personal Instagram account, which step do you need to complete on your phone?


Selecting the image you’d like to publish.

Adding links you’d like to publish with your image.

Publishing the image to your Instagram account. 

Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish.


If you need to keep track of a large number of published or scheduled messages sent to a variety of social networks, Hootsuite __________ is an important product area for you to familiarize yourself with.


Approvals Queue


Content Library




To determine the ROI of your social media activities, which Hootsuite product would you use?


Hootsuite Metrics

Hootsuite Social ROI

Hootsuite Solutions

Hootsuite Analytics 

Hootsuite ROI Calculator


With Hootsuite’s Mobile App you can share ______________ with teams, which allows everyone to monitor the same social feed and see which messages have been responded to and by whom.


message approvals

Publisher calendars



content libraries


To access the Hootsuite App Directory, go to the:


Launch Menu 

Extensions Dropdown

Analytics Dashboard

Settings Panel


There are several ways you can schedule new messages in Hootsuite. Which of the following doesn’t belong?


using the bulk uploader

from within the calendar view in the Publisher

from the drop down menu in a search stream 

from within the Compose box (manual and auto-schedule)


The Hootsuite Analytics overview automatically analyzes two time periods: the one you select, and the corresponding length of time before that. For example, if you select the last 7 days, the overview will automatically pull data from the previous 14 days. Why would this be a benefit?


to put your analytics results in a more historical perspective 

to provide an estimate of future trends

this is not a feature of the overview module

to add fullness to your metrics reports

to make it easier to generate ROI reports for key stakeholders


Overview and Reports are modules within which Hootsuite product?


Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite Metrics

Hootsuite Campaigns

Hootsuite Publisher

Hootsuite Analytics


You can do all of the following actions in the Composer, except:


schedule when your message should publish

convert a web address into a shortened, trackable owly link

track character count limits for the social networks your posting to

search for mentions of your company name 

pick the social profiles to which you want to publish your message


By setting a team member’s permissions to ‘Can Edit’ on a report in Hootsuite Analytics, you are granting them:


full editing rights to that report 

admin permissions for that report

team admin permissions for that report

partial editing rights


When using the Composer in Hootsuite’s Mobile app, which options are available for sending your message?


send now, auto-schedule, or schedule a custom time 

send now or schedule a custom time

send now only

schedule a custom time only

Hootsuite Mobile does not allow publishing – only
engagement functionality


When composing messages in Hootsuite, how would you make a rough draft of a message available with a team or team member for collaboration?


Save the message as a draft and then find it in the collaboration board with that team.

Publish the message to a social network, then click ‘assign to team or colleague’.

Assign the message to a social network the team or team member manages, then click ‘Save Draft’. 

@Mention the team or team member in the drafted message before saving.


___________ allow you to monitor social activity around certain keywords, phrases and even specific users or locations, and respond where appropriate.


Comment trackers

Search streams 



Internal tags


The Hootsuite bulk composer allows you to:


approve large numbers of posts composed by junior team members

schedule up to 350 messages at one time, including existing scheduled messages 

publish the same message across hundreds of social media networks at once

add background music to all the YouTube videos in a playlist

send out hundreds of personalized direct messages to your Twitter lists

generate large amounts of SEO friendly copy, based on social marketing goals


When you add an RSS feed to Hootsuite’s Publisher, posts from blogs and websites you designate will be:


commented on automatically, with customizable, pre-scripted copy that you input under your RSS feed preferences

automatically posted to the social network you choose, with a pre-scripted message and a trackable link 

put into a ‘Post-Approvals Queue’ for review by your organization’s designated Hootsuite administrator

blocked from your feed


In Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a report with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?


activities relative to your defined social media objectives

reports analyze a team member’s Hootsuite activity (e.g., engagement and publishing) to pull out the metrics that are most valuable to them

reports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grade your company’s social

reports provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want it 

reports include a qualitative analysis report indicating what you should do more of (and less of)


Let’s say you’re creating a search stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, to find mentions of the phrase vacation holiday getaway. How do you ensure that the exact phrase gets searched for, rather than the individual words in the phrase?


Boolean operators after the phrase

asterisks around the phrase

@ symbol after the phrase

ampersands before the phrase

quotation marks around the phrase


To share access to a Hootsuite Analytics report with your colleagues you need to use the Share button to:


open a printer friendly version of the board

auto-populate an internal CRM message

create and copy a custom owly link which you can then share

share it via email


The best place to search for free (and paid) software for customizing your Hootsuite dashboard to your exact business need is called the:


Partner Library

Explore tab

App Directory 

Hootsuite App Store

Hootsuite Impact tab


Let’s say you want to monitor all the comments on a campaign YouTube video you’ve just launched. To do this, create a ‘My Videos’ stream, find the campaign video, and then select ‘___________________’.


YouTube Search



Create Comment Stream


Within the Hootsuite Composer, you can transform URLs into what’s called an ‘owly’ link. Which of the following are reasons you’d want to use this feature. (pick two)


owly links provide higher resolution previews of the webpage being linked to

owly links are trackable, which means you can track how many people clicked it 

owly links use less characters than regular URLs 

owly links are prioritized by social networks

owly links are perceived as more trustworthy than regular URLs


YouTube is a great source for curating interesting content for your audience. Hootsuite helps with its built in YouTube ____________. This lets you discover new videos based on keywords or key phrases.


content curation tab

suggested content

filter videos

search stream 

‘My Content Finder’


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