SEMrush On-Page and Technical SEO Test Questions

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Log File Analyzer allows you to not only identify the most crawled pages on a website, but also eliminate structural and navigational problems that affect the accessibility of certain pages.





How will you benefit from connecting Site Audit to your Google Analytics account? Choose 3 answers.


Find pages on your website with no internal links pointing to them 

See the unique pageviews for each page in your audit to prioritize the work on technical issues 

Access all of the backend information for your website in one location

Automatically import the landing pages that your website is ranking for

Find slow pages that take more than one second to become interactive 

Get an idea of where you need to improve a page and user experience


Which issues regarding using HTTPS protocol can be found in the Site Audit HTTPS implementation report? Choose 3 answers:


Mixed content issues 

Uncompressed files

Links to your old HTTP version pages 

Non-secure pages with password fields 

Pages crawl depth


Which Site Audit chart shows if any of your website’s pages are broken, have redirects, or have server-side errors?


The Crawl Budget Waste bar chart

The Incoming Internal Links bar chart

The HTTP Status Code donut chart 

The Pages Crawl Depth donut chart


Which tool helps to define the domains that are worth trying to acquire backlinks from?


SEO Content Template 

SEO Writing Assistant

Content Audit


True or false? To get ideas in On Page SEO checker for how to improve the user experience you have to connect Google Analytics to your project.





From where can you import pages and keyword data to On Page SEO checker? Choose 3 answers.


Position Tracking 

Organic Traffic insights

Google Search Console 

Organic Research


What is the recommended number of on-page links in order not to be regarded as spam or of low quality?


Below 3000 

Between 3000 and 5000

There are no recommendations on it


Fill in the blanks. The ________________ donut chart shows the distribution across your website’s pages by the number of clicks away from the homepage. It is recommended to make sure there are no pages with a depth of more than ___ clicks.


Site Indexability, 4

Pages Crawl Depth, 4 

Pages Crawl depth, 5

Site Indexability, 5


True or false? SEO Writing Assistant has an add-on for Google Docs and WordPress plug-in based on the SEO Content Template.