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Which of these statements best describe First View? (Select all that apply.)


It is best suited for lower-funnel campaign objectives.

It provides a single-day (24-hour) “mass awareness” package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.

It can only be purchased by one advertiser per day, per geography.

It includes a Twitter Brand Survey.


What are the three bid units available when creating a Promoted Video Views campaign?


2s/50% video view, 3s/100% video view, 6s video view

3s/100% video view, 10s/100% video view, 30s/50% video view

6s video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns

3s/100% video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns


What can help your audience make a connection within the first few seconds of watching your video?


Showing people or talent at the start of the video

Using nothing but text in the first few seconds

Not including your logo immediately

Adding music that reminds them of their childhood


First View campaigns can only be purchased through _____.



Your Twitter Client Partner

Ads Manager



Twitter’s #BlueBrush team can help when _____. (Select three.)


You need a graphic designer to create original assets for your brand

You need help with photography for an upcoming product launch

You are looking for staff augmentation

You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign


If your company wants to promote new running shoes with famous athletes, they should choose:


Team #Live Brand Studio

Team #Influencers

Team #BlueBrush

Team #Optimization


True or False: Pre-roll ads are skippable after 6 seconds.





Which Live Brand Studio product requires approval from the Twitter Brand Team?


Neither Broadcast nor Event Page


Event Page

Both Broadcast and Event Page


When creating a new In-Stream Video Ad, what does “Brand Safety” inside targeting criteria allow you to do?


Exclude content categories and publisher handles you do not want to align with your In-Stream Video Ads

Add redaction to your Tweet copy automatically

Customize what your audience sees based on their age

Filter on demographics


Twitter Polls are best used when brands want to ______. (Select two.)


Involve their followers in brand or content decisions

Drive conversions on their website

Build loyalty by listening to their audience’s opinion

Align with influencers who have controversial opinions


When creating content for First View, you should: (Select all that apply.)


Convey a key message: The timeline moves fast and people’s attention spans move faster. Successful brands convey their key message quickly.

Use extremely loud music: Loud noises attract attention and can help give your ad more views.

Keep copy succinct: Short is always sweet. Tweets with under 100 characters drive significantly higher engagement than those over 100.

Feature people: Consumers are naturally drawn to human faces. Show people and/or talent in the first few frames to draw people in.


Each Promoted Trend is made up of which three components? (Select three.)


Trend #Hashtag

Companion Tweets

Trend Description

Animated Trend GIF


Creative matters because _____.


People don’t read the copy on Twitter

47% of sales are attributed directly to creative

Ads with better creative are often Retweeted by celebrities

You aren’t directly in control of it


In-Stream Video Ads are:


Curated, relevant, engaging, and brand-safe

Only shown to people over the age of 18

Always longer than 30 seconds and unskippable

The best way to take over the Explore tab on Twitter for a day


Match the following sponsorship types to the definitions.


1. Pre-roll ads before live video
2. Pre-roll ads on highlight clips
3. Brand integrations
4. Sponsored Moments

Video ads that run in front of near-live feeds. 

Content created by a publisher in partnership with an advertiser, which seamlessly integrates the advertiser via logo overlays, brand mentions, sponsored segments, etc. 

Video ads that run before live feeds. 

A storytelling format that collects Tweets, videos, images, and more around a single theme with interstitial ads within the experience and branding on the cover image. 


Clear logo placement can positively impact:


The mood of your audience

Sales of your products

Unaided brand recall

The amount of Direct Messages you receive after a campaign


Which type of In-Stream Video Ad would you choose for your sponsorship campaign if you wanted to connect with the audience of an awards show happening right now?


Pre-roll before live video

Promoted Trend

Pre-roll ads on highlight clips

Sponsored Moments


True or False: You create a First View campaign by starting with the campaign objective.





Match the sponsorship purchase methods to the descriptions.


1. Fixed Rate
2. Demo Guarantee
3. Biddable

Advertisers are able to bid against other advertisers for ad spots based on a wider range of actions such as impression, video view, or an engagement, where the highest bidder wins the spot. 

Advertisers pay a predetermined fixed rate for an ad spot. This is a fixed CPM method of purchase.

Allows advertisers to verify that their ads are reaching a specific demographic via Nielsen. You are only charged for impressions that serve that specific demographic as verified by Nielsen third-party reporting. 


What is the best tool for driving sales that is directly within your control?


Good creative

Ads longer than 6 seconds

Twitter copy

Brand recognition


Why should you work with an influencer?


Influencers only get paid when you sell a product on Twitter.

Influencers cost less than hiring a professional actor.

An influencer’s authentic voice may help make your brand more relevant.

Influencers can often create content faster than brands can.


For video Tweet content, match the questions to the ad component:


1. What do you want consumers to think?
2. How do you want them to feel?
3. What do you want them to do?

Link or Hashtag 


Active Statement 


You may need Twitter’s #Optimization team when _____. (Select three.)


You’re concerned about the cost of producing mobile-first video content

You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign

You want to optimize assets you already have

Your content is underperforming


What are the three key factors to maximizing the effectiveness of your video ads on Twitter?


Branding, video length, strong visuals

Use of captions, audio volume, color accuracy

Use of influencers, spelling and grammar, video quality

Use of large logos, including animals, exporting at a high frame rate


Which statement about First View and Promoted Trend is true?


First View and Promoted Trend may not be purchased together.

It is not recommended to use First View and Promoted Trend together.

Combining First View and Promoted Trend will reach people either in the Home timeline or the Explore tab, but not both.

When paired together, First View and Promoted Trend drive higher key ad metrics.


Which of the following safeguards does Twitter employ to protect brand safety?


Twitter will only run In-Stream Video Ads before one of 200+ brand-safe partners.

Twitter uses Twitter Polls to collect user feedback on video inventory.

Twitter runs algorithmic and manual checks to ensure ads are not aligned with content that falls outside of brand safety guidelines.

Twitter only runs ads on user generated content offering limited brand safety.


In-Stream Video Ads help advertisers to: (Select two.)


Build brand relevance by running targeted pre-roll video ads before video content they’re already watching.

Showcase longer video > 30 seconds, or share feature-length content with brand followers

Generate brand lift with video content

Align brand messages with a single publisher


Advertisers should consider First View when they want to: (Select all that apply.)


Maximize watch time with a format typically watched longer than other Twitter timeline formats

Drive wesbite traffic and lower-funnel objectives

Be the first thing people see when they open Twitter, when memory response is highest

Drive a higher brand and message recall


What is a Conversational Video Ad?


A type of Promoted Video that links directly to a website

An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card

A type of Promoted Video that includes call-to-action buttons and hashtags prompting people to Tweet and share a message

A Conversational Video Ad sends text messages to a mobile phone


True or False: The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement in the Trends section.





Match the following combined takeover products to their potential impacts.


1. Promoted Trend + Spotlight
2. Takeover Ads + Twitter Emoji
3. First View + Promoted Trend

Maximize advertisers’ ability to reach people in the Home timeline and Explore tab. 

Potentially double ad breakthrough during an upcoming event or launch. 

Add impact and make your Promoted Trend and Companion Tweets stand out with a customized graphical representation. 


Which of the following statements about Promoted Trend Spotlight is correct?


Promoted Trend Spotlight will feature your ad at the top of the Explore tab for 48 hours.

The Promoted Trend Spotlight supports 6-second looping GIFs, MP4s, or image assets to go with your Promoted Trend.

Promoted Trend Spotlight is another name for Twitter emoji.

Promoted Trend Spotlight is best for long-form (5 minutes or longer) video content.


True or False: People on Twitter are watching more than 2 billion videos daily.





True or False: Promoted Trend Description can be changed by advertisers throughout the day.





In-Stream Video Sponsorships can be most effective for brands who: (Select three.)


Don’t do or can’t afford traditional TV sponsorships

Already sponsor TV programming

Want to target a competitor’s TV sponsorship

Want to drive traffic or sign-ups on a website


The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement at the top of the ______.


Settings tab

In “Mentions” under notifications

Explore tab

Direct Message inbox


Which of the following are best practices when creating an In-Stream Video Ad? (Select all that apply.)


Don’t use music because it is distracting.

Keep your content short and simple.

Brand your video within the first few seconds.

Use In-Stream Ads to set up other content.


Match the following terms to the descriptions.


1. Promoted Video
2. Video Website Card
3. Twitter Poll
4. Conversational Video Ad

It moves customers through the funnel toward an end goal, such as a purchase. 

It enables you to advertise in people’s timelines and promote your brand story to your target audience. 

It collects feedback and gives people the chance to weigh in on questions. 

It encourages people to engage with and spread campaign messages. 


Video ads on Twitter feel more relevant and less intrusive because:


They display only in a creator’s profile page.

They only display in the timeline if they are forwarded or liked by someone you follow.

They display within the timeline as normal Tweets (although marked as Promoted).

They display within the timeline as normal Tweets and are not marked as Promoted.


True or False: Promoted Trends can be purchased by multiple advertisers per geographic area, per day.





Twitter Polls are best used when brands want to ______. (Select two.)


Align with influencers who have controversial opinions

Drive conversions on their website

Build loyalty by listening to their audience’s opinion

Involve their followers in brand or content decisions


What are the three types of video formats you can choose for your Promoted Video Views campaign?


Video, Conversational Video

Video, GIF

Video, GIF, Conversational Video

Video only


What is a Video Website Card?


A type of Promoted Video that includes clickable hashtags that prompt users to Tweet and share a message to their followers

A type of Video Website Poll that gathers feedback from people in the form of an opinion card, providing valuable insight into your followers’ opinions

A type of Promoted Video where Promoted Tweets use video to capture user attention and drive qualified users to your landing page

An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card


Match the best practices for good creative to the statements.


1. Make an impact early
2. Put your brand front and center
3. Keep it short and simple

Videos with a concise message within the first 3 seconds also have 13% higher brand recall and overall view time. 

The sweet spot for a video ad is about 6 seconds. 

Include your branding prominently throughout your creative. 


When will people on Twitter typically see a First View campaign in their timeline?


The first time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the day of the campaign

One specific time at the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser

Specific times throughout the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser

Every time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the next day of the campaign


Which Live Brand Studio product offers live, real-time analytics in Media Studio?



Both Broadcast and Event Page

Neither Broadcast nor Event Page

Event Page


What are the three purchasing options for an In-Stream Video Ad?


Nielsen Demo Guaranteed (US only)

Fixed Pricing

Twitter “Best Price” matching algorithm

Through the Auction — Biddable


Twitter In-Stream Video Ads: (Select two.)


Feature professionally produced videos (no user-generated content)

Require Tweet copy

Are billed only when someone follows your account

Offer pre-roll video across 200+ of the top premium publishers within one campaign


What is one of the reasons brands are choosing to go live on Twitter?


To remarket to their existing customer base

To drive increased conversation with their audience

To increase their app installs

To optimize the existing assets


What are the locations where you might see a Promoted Video served?


Within the timeline, on someone’s profile, and at the top of relevant search results pages

Only within the timeline

On the sidebar of, in your Direct Message inbox, and in the Moments section

The Trends section, the login screen, and the profile settings page


What types of events are brands choosing to highlight when going live on Twitter? (Select all that apply.)


Earnings calls

Product launches

Fashion shows

Shareholder proxy votes


Which two Twitter video ad formats allow your message to be one of the first things a person sees when they log on? (Select all that apply.)


First View

Promoted Video Carousel

Video Website Cards

Promoted Trend


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